Wait, did he actually update the site!?

The short answer is “Yes”. I’ve opted to rebuild the site, but I’m keeping my baby CMS.

For many, many years, I’ve run this customized site based upon TextPattern. I presumed that it’d be easier to scrap it than to rebuild, having given up on my own CMS years prior for similar compatibility and maintenance concerns (and lets’ face it- poorly written spaghetti code by a PHP3 compliant non-templatable system).

Last year about this time, I stated I was looking for alternatives. I tried Ghost, Grav, and a ton of everything else in between. I just didn’t like them. Still, I started working on HTMLy.. sorry, still not my style for blog posts.

I trudged on, telling myself “another day”. After all, I could always export my content, or just use the old RSS 0.92/2.0 format (there is a long story that goes along with that), and import into virtually anything bloggy- even though RSS is pretty much unheard of now.

Well, it ended up being quite a bit easier than I thought. Not only that, but the community went out of their way to assist me with finding plugins I relied upon which were deprecated, and even some suggestions on moving forward in Web 3.x CSS designs. Thank you, TXP Community!