I know that creating services in JavaScript is all the rage these days- you can feel like you accomplished something, without needing to understand garbage collection, casting, or even how to do basic design, thanks to Node.

I’ve tried to find a compelling reason to add the requirement of Node 4, a local SQLite (or MySQL) instance, and several support additions, like NodeMailer- just to get a primitive version of the same services I’ve had for over 10 years with TextPattern.

I’ve tried to look at it with a less-jaundiced eye, but I just can’t. It’s bloated (weighing in at 170MB with NO features), it has bizarre ideologies, and exposing Node directly to the net to run a blogging service? No- I’ve opted to proxy my Ghost instance, much as I have done with Grav.

I can finally see why so many people have given up and stuck with WordPress.

It started out rather cold this morning, and I can’t say I’m a big fan of having to scrape the car before I can get inside to start it. Thankfully, it was only that bad on the side not exposed to sunlight.

However, I had plans today- I was going to breakfast with a good friend, then enjoy the afternoon with my dog, just doing minimal effort projects for a change.

The SAAB would have none of this.

It flat out died. Stopped the car, and the fuel pump would prime no more. Nada. Zip. Zero. Thankfully the pump itself is only about $60 (not the whole assembly, that’d be hundreds of dollars).

Not the biggest fan of cars that demand attention.

I’ve managed to do quite a bit over the last few months- getting up to date with CentOS, Ubuntu, the various BSDs, and of course, discovering Void.

Although it’s rather inexpensive, I no longer require more than a handful of rented servers for my personal use- so I’m dropping back to a couple dedicated hosts for my important tasks, and VPS for backup and emergency failover services.

For being spring, it feels more like winter than last month did!

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