Trying to use a PCL5 compatible printer with Windows 10?

I am a fan of “If it still works, keep using it”.

In fact, I was using a LaserJet 6P until 2015- when a friend accidentally broke it. Now, I’m using a LaserJet 2100.

PCL5/Laserjet4 is really easy with Linux via CUPS, but we do have a couple Windows users in the household. This didn’t used to be an issue, but HP decided to stop distributing PCL5 drivers in 2016. Earlier versions of Windows 10 had them, but they are no longer available.

HP’s UPD 6.1 series was the final series which had PCL5 drivers included for it’s universal package. I’ve linked below to where HP stores both 32 bit, and 64 bit drivers on their FTP site; this is not a normal web address, and may be blocked in some locations.

Good luck, and happy printing!