First major update in years; Devuan missed the mark on updating major revisions of software.

Devuan released Daedalus (release equivalent to Debian’s Bookworm) in late August, but I generally wait awhile to adopt things which have a large impact on services.

It went smooth-mostly.

I have a FastCGI backend I run the PHP scripts from, as the majority of my content is semi-static. The only reason I still have an Apache based configuration is for legacy purposes- it wouldn’t take much to rewrite to run under something with less overhead, but utilizing FastCGI, I don’t have the same overhead one would running Apache with PHP statically loaded. That broke.

This is the first time I’ve had Devuan entirely fail to pull in an entire package based upon a major revision change (php8 vs php7). It didn’t seem to notice, and happily broke things. It didn’t take me long to repair, but I did have to reintroduce myself to php-fpm configuration; I don’t use it on a daily basis.