Well, the title line is intended to be a bit ironic – but only that. No crazy frog here.

Every time I try to think of a new ringtone, Chicanes’ original “Offshore” is what comes to mind. It has a brilliant introduction, and, quite frankly, even downscales to MIDI pretty darn well, although in 2018 that is a lot less important than it was in 1997.

I’ve thought about going to WP, upgrading and updating my 10 year old TextPattern plugin code bases, and even gone so far as testing with Ghost, Grav, and similar tools to see what would be a good fit moving forward. I don’t like any of them.

Actually, I’m hacking HTMLy to do what I want; other than multiple-site/domain access, it mostly does what I need, even if I still don’t really like the entire idea of keeping localized Markdown data for my entries.

I’ve already made a semi-dynostatic change to the headers, and will work at adding a replacement for my old contact form. Other than some issues with static page titles not matching URL schemes (HTMLy is still fairly limited), and the afrementoned issues of multiple domains and dynamic SSL support, expect a complete change here for the first time in over a decade.

I may remap old IDs, but don’t expect qbid=42 (Software) to work any longer- it’s been gone for 12 years.

Although my first “Internet Archive” archival was not until December, 1998, I’ve had this domain for 20 years.

Created Date: 1998-03-11

I suddenly feel very, very old.

For what it’s worth, the old procmail (yes, procmail) recipe asking for my resume hasn’t worked for quite awhile. I’m not planning on bringing it back, either.

I have, however, brought back my old signature.

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