This is probably the oddest question that I’ve ever been asked. The skinny: A stalker friend got bored and followed one of my links and found some of “MyMusic” -

Well, a decade and change ago, I used to remix MODfiles to make them enjoyable for my several-hours-stuck-in-traffic job. This generally meant that I’d reuse sequences, and sometimes slow them down to keep from causing extra anxiety and just put me in a good mood.. keep in mind that I often spent nearly 2 hours in traffic each way, nearly every day.

Enter “RedShift“. This wasn’t my song- all I did was slow it down, change patterns, and add a bit of reverb. This is nothing new, and certainly wasn’t at the time- no I didn’t create Vaporwave. I’m just a lazy hack who made songs sound better to himself when trying not to get annoyed at the world.

For those curious, I’ve restored a version from one of my backup images, circa mid-2003 (of a tune from 1996 remixed in May, 2002), completely coincidentally, as I was looking for patches I made to software then for a reference. This is – Juice/phds’ RedShift (download link), remixed to be longer, slower, and with a little bit more ambiance.

The bitter irony is that the S3M of this was still under 1MB. The 128k/s joint-stereo is 12MB, in 2002. Progress, they say.

No, this isn’t Vaporwave. I gotta say, though, for 20+ year old 8 bit samples, it still sounds pretty good on headphones. Thanks, Juice!

This post was primarily aimed towards the current “World Revolves Around Me” YouTube vlogger style of media- it wasn’t intended to be taken seriously.

If you think Roe vs Wade will ever be overturned, you’re dumber than the candidates you voted for.

In case you missed it,

B&N is dumping all old NOOK owners near the end of the month. For what it’s worth, Amazon stopped updating the first generation Kindle store around 2013.

“Dear Valued Customer,

Over eight years ago, we launched our first NOOK® eReader, and we were thrilled to have you as one of our first customers for what has become a tradition of offering great books on demand to readers. We want to thank you for your loyalty and continued support of the NOOK 1st Edition and NOOK products.

Because of advancements in our eReader technology, we wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, we are unable to continue to support the NOOK 1st Edition.

Please note that as of June 29, 2018, you will not be able to purchase new content, register with a account, or sign in using a NOOK account on your NOOK 1st Edition. However, you will still be able to access your existing library, or download new content, by using our NOOK Reading Apps™ for iOS, Android, or Windows, on mobile and tablet devices, as well as any of our other NOOK devices.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 877-831-2393 Monday-Friday 8AM–11PM ET and Saturday-Sunday 9AM–11PM ET. Please be prepared to provide your NOOK 1st Edition serial number. If you need assistance locating your serial number, click here for instructions.

We truly appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to provide you with the great NOOK experience and to welcome you at Barnes & Noble stores.

Barnes & Noble”

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