One of the annoying things about LetsEncrypt- if you run multiple zones from the same IP, it tends to make them Aliases of the primary zone.

Recently, I’ve worked to break away a couple projects from the primary zone, and it’s not gone all that well, with LE refusing to remove them or renew the other zones with those certificates still being part of the bundle.

So, I’m going to take one on the chin and rebuild all of the certs separately, which causes minimal more load for them, and a big headache for me.

Ok, let’s all take a deep breath.

With “Net Neutrality” being repealed, we’re precisely in the same place we were before 2015.

This actually means relatively little, and it is not very feasible for a provider to remove your ability to visit websites that they do not have an “agreement” with, or to charge you more for “sites not on the list”. It’d certainly gain them no favor, and in fact, with the free market which this is set to further promote, they’d be replaced by another option, possibly at a cut-rate price.

This is not going to stop you from watching cat videos or playing Minecraft. I pinky-promise.

This should be a pretty transparent migration for anyone who happens upon this, but I can’t justify the expense of dedicated machines to serve my pointless websites and services, so I’m migrating everything to cheaper, VPS-based hosting.

We’re now running on a handful of virtualized services, with far lower specifications than the old system, and saving nearly half of the cost. Also, We’re live in Russia, as well as in Germany, to celebrate heritage- and domain names that cost less than $1/yr. For now, all still link to the main site due to a limitation in my blogging software, but I’ll rebuild that functionality.

I’m going to change this design to a simpler, less 2003-styled theme, so things may be broken occasionally while I work on this at my leisure.

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